List of new features:

1, custom syntax highlight colors, highlight certain keywords can use color display, Good!
2, can increase the manual notes, similar to IDA, the Notes can copy, save. Analysis and more convenient to write the article break!
3, enhanced search, find!
4, the command line!
5, the latest increase in the use of the file list!
6, a practical rapid editing features, you can replace the HEX editor! Cool:)
7, increased repair code compilation (Permenant Patcher)!
8, to open the current anti-compilation write!
9, Benban that two windows can not show the normal BUG.
10, in the compilation of the window display shows that anti-Chinese!
11, the string-reference data to extract Chinese string!
12, support VB / DELPHI string of extraction, can customize the VB_patch open and close!

Add hot keys:

To the current line Notes:;
Withdrawal of the last Jump: ESC

by Sone 2010.02.04 14:27